Arnar Mar Jonsson

At the heart of Arnar Mar Jonsson's design practice is the bridging of cultures and environments. He grew up in Iceland before heading to London to study at RCA, and his clothes are informed by both locales. With this background it makes sense that the clothes from this young brand take the shape of functional garments using technical performance fabrics--they're adaptable, reliable, and offer protection in the face of unpredictable, harsh outdoors environments. But more importantly, they have a sense of flexibility and versatility, able to be worn in a variety of places and contexts. This is a feature not just driven by the functional aspect of the clothing, but by a specific aesthetic quality as well. Arnar reflects on and filters the visual cultures of both the wild and untamed Iceland outdoors and the gritty, sharp forms of the London streetscape to create clothing that can easily exist within both. Archetypical sportswear pieces like track jackets and outdoor shells are reimagined in overwashed earth tones, yielding raw and unexpected colors and patterns that mirror natural landscapes. Light, translucent nylon shells in the context of Arnar's collections are as sublime as they are utilitarian, taking after elemental phenomena like the blur of fog or glistening ice.