Jun Takahashi

founded nearly 30 years ago what would become one of the most charismatic and influential brands today. His early graphic tees may have had humble beginnings, but their ongoing evolution into a vast diary of fantasies and themes was inevitable. He blended casual youth culture with precise tailoring, pioneering the idea that streetwear could exist alongside and engage culturally with runway fashion. Jun’s work was also instrumental to Japan’s acceptance in the western fashion world as a whole. While Huiben often revisits a designer’s past works and tries to champion their relevance in the present day, Undercover has a lasting innovative vision that makes even the older collections feel cutting edge. Clothes and themes from over a decade ago are increasingly relevant, finding their place alongside and often inspiring works of younger designers.

“And thanks to the spread of the Internet, more people around the world have come to understand the history of Undercover. I feel like recently the brand is finally being understood.” - Jun Takahashi for System Magazine May 2018

Psychocandy SS14

is no exception to Jun’s affinity for nostalgia. The 2010s brought numerous seasons of references to pop culture, music, and film.

From tributes to Dieter Rams in SS10 and Stanley Kubrick in AW18 to Undercover's own 25 year retrospective with T-Graphics, Labyrinth, and SS16 ‘The Greatest’, Jun reminisces past influences while continuing to push boundaries.