Helmut Lang

SS01 Print Ad 'Silk Bound Dress'

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"Helmut Lang has often been praised for his 'deconstructive' designs. With basic garment forms as the starting point, Lang created subversively elegant and abstract designs that combined the classic with the avant-garde. This experimentation was amply demonstrated in S/S 2001, where Lang explored ways of revealing the body. Cut-outs and laces were used to decorate tops, trousers and outerwear, while dresses featured straps and perforations that created a subtle yet sensual effect. The wearer's body is highlighted and in turn becomes an essential component of the design itself. S/S 2001 can thus be understood as a quintessential Helmut Lang collection, combining his cerebral conceptualism with a new sense of raw-yet-refined sexiness."

This print ad originally from a magazine features the iconic silk bound dress heavily featured in SS01.

Width: 8.75"
Height: 10.75"